We bring remediation services to our students, right where they are.

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Reading Boosters, LLC

We bring remediation to our students, right where they are.
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Reading Boosters is a contributor to Hub Pages, providing content for how to help your child to read, spell and comprehend better at home.
Learning Disability Resource Guides
We proudly differentiate our services as we equip parents with supportive training to facilitate the continual stimulation and generalization of learned skills, which is necessary for their child's continued and sustainable improvements without the need for costly future follow-up sessions.  

These links to information and products are useful resources for parents of a learning abled child labeled with a disability or as learning disabled.

If you have any questions regarding our resource guide or would like more information, please contact us.
Find college scholarships, award search tips and support documents for the college bound junior or senior.
Find books, workbooks and story books on Amazon or know what to look for while searching practice materials.
Find a variety of resource links providing a wealth of information to support you, your child and family.
Reading Boosters has created 
I Can See It! (TM) worksheets to supplement reading and comprehension practice.